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Contact Person: YP Sharma
Business Phone Number: 984-8862606
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Contact Person: Pushkar Chataut
Business Phone Number: 9848722789
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Address: 10400
Contact Person: Parmanand Bhandari
Business Phone Number: 9858750070
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Line No 3, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal
Phone: +977 099 520599 / 521723
Cell: +977 9858750070

Business Website Address: http://Aithpur – 06
Address: Aithpur – 06
Contact Person: Sagar Pant
Business Phone Number: 9865616888
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Narmada Infosys is an IT consultancy company.  Our current mission is to bring high speed internet to rural Nepal. We specialize in deploying fixed wireless networks specially in rural Nepal. Our other expertise includes but not limited to,  ERP Consulting, Application Development & other IT Services.

We keep engagement high across the rural communities to provide superior quality of products and services to its valued customers.
Narmada Infosys is strategic partner with:

Cambium Networks, USA; world’s leading provider for Wireless connectivity solutions.
Microsoft Inc., USA; for Education.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 9858750053
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Karan Singh Pal

Contact Person: Raju
Business Phone Number: 981-2793510
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Contact Person: Surendra Thapa
Business Phone Number: 981-2705580
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Contact: Surendra Thapa